face earrings, face masks, and jason.

I've been experimenting with wire as a medium recently, and I've made a set of wire earrings. This, like many of my other projects, was completely unplanned. The idea sprang to me when I got distracted in a crafts store trying to buy thread - needless to say, not much thread was purchased. 

The earrings themselves are little minimalistic wire drawings of faces, looped directly onto an earring hook. I'm considering selling a couple of pairs sometime soon - so if you're interested, let me know and I'll find the motivation to make a couple more pairs to sell in limited amounts on here.

Below are pictures of the earrings very kindly modeled by my gorgeous friend Jason, in between face masks and bags of prawn cocktail chips. Also by the way, if anyone knows what prawn cocktail actually IS please do tell me because I'm having doubts that prawn cocktail is an actual food. Honestly, I have never seen it exist organically, only in packets of chips.

earring 1.jpg
earring 2.jpg
earring 4.jpg
earring 3.jpg
earring 5.jpg