clean diva is born! (15 years ago, but hey - better late than never...)

I'm Emma, and honestly, I don't know what to write other than to point out the obvious and tell you that this is the first post on my blog, Clean Diva. Nice one Emma, starting a blog with no clue what to write about. Genuinely- no clue. I don't know what this blog will turn out to be, so I've pushed myself in the direction of art and politics - two subjects I feel quite strongly about. That said, there's a fine line dividing art and fashion, so who knows where THAT will go. And politics on the internet can be warped, read, and interpreted in too many ways for it to be a stable topic to base a blog upon without having a hoard of critics at your throat because you used an oxford comma in an article about Brexit (which by the way, SCREAMS 'unreliable leftist source alert!' to the entire world. Duh). So, I guess, either way I'm going to be straying from my original purpose or being hunted down for an *extremely* important political typo - I might as well just go for it and see what happens.

I'll start officially by explaining my domain name: Clean Diva. Inspired by my lovely friend Jason, who called me that once at an art gallery. I guess from then, it kind of stuck. Clean Diva. Diva because to put it honestly, I'm kind of spoilt with my life in the city. I was going to write a sentence about it having self-proclaimed sass too, but I couldn't word it in a way that didn't sound like it was written by my mother, or even worse: my 2012 self. As for the .me section, I couldn't get because some pocket-picking idiot has already bought it off the internet and wanted to sell it to me for a sum that my weekly allowance couldn't even pretend to compete with. .me was the most popular ending amongst my friends, so with that, was born. A decade and a half after clean diva was ACTUALLY born, but hey - better late than never, right?

With every post I'll try my best to include a group of pictures, so that if you can't be bothered to read the post (to be fair, I can't really blame you. If it wasn't me writing it, I wouldn't be reading it either), you at least have something to look at.

Below, are a couple of pictures my brother, Rhys, took of me to celebrate the launch of Clean Diva. Enjoy!


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