final piece - the idea

Last week I finally pushed aside all my excuses and doubts about my art final piece and started it (about time, emma, considering everyone else had started a good week before you...). I think part of the reason I was so reluctant to start it is because it was just another thing to do. On top of exam revision and homework, the last thing I wanted to be doing is hand-stitching a 2X1 metre tapestry. 

Our topic this year was 'bashed, smashed, broken and trashed'. Honestly, when I first received the topic, I was not too thrilled - perhaps I was afraid of my final piece resembling myself too much (you know... trash...). But as I came to terms with it, and as we explored the topic as a class, I ended up loving it. There was so much freedom, and I loved that my journal didn't always have to be pristine and perfect. I was also exposed to many amazing artists, such as Grayson Perry and Doris Salcedo, with awesome philosophies and just as awesome work.

I'll skip past most of the journal work for now - maybe I'll include that in a later post; and I'll fast forward to one of the final tasks we were set as a class before we were asked to work individually. As a set of 20 or so tasks, I was asked to 'record dropping coffee from different heights':

(click to enlarge pictures)

Fascinated by the change in from the two different heights, I outlined the spill shaped in my beloved black ink pen. I liked it. It reminded me somewhat of a map, with coffee coloured islands on a white sea. Not quite a poet, but that's quite poetic?

I wanted to try this with a different substance, preferably one with an entirely different consistency - so I used glue. From the heights of 200cm and 20cm, I spilled glue onto a page and drew around the dried product as I did with the coffee.

The glue dropped from 200cm produced an interesting shape, which I then went on to create a linoleum block of so I could mass produce the shape.

I printed this shape onto anything and everything I could find. Magazines, books, graph paper, felt, towels, canvas bags - you name it. Anything that could take water-based printing ink was branded with the delightful shape of a glue spill.

(click to enlarge pictures)

However in doing so, I noticed that some of the prints done on fabric lacked the sharp outline I was after. I had to draw around the prints like I drew around the coffee spill to get the affect I was after - so I abandoned my pen (gasp!) and stitched around the glue spill print on the canvas bag in the brightest thread I could possibly find in the cupboards of the art department. This was the result:

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orange thread 1
orange thread 2
orange thread 3

I loved the way this looked. I took absolutely ages, to complete, but it was worth it. I decided to recreate the previous coffee spill on fabric so I could stitch around that too. Again, I loved it. It took millennia to do, but maybe that was the whole point? The spill takes moments to create and the embellishments take so long?

(click to enlarge pictures)

coffee 1

Sounds like a concept for a final piece...

That got me thinking. I thought for way too long. It must have taken me a week to finally come up with the idea I was going to go through with for my final piece. A week filled with learning how to use the sewing machine (and breaking it too - sorry Mrs. Bailey...); printing out pictures of asian scrolls; and convincing myself that I had more time than I actually did.

Below is the final plan for my final piece: a 2X1m tapestry of sorts, showing a turmeric stain, stitched around in blue, beneath a coffee stain, stitched around in burgundy. All of this would hang from the wall, and would be held taught by bamboo. I still need to buy bamboo. Where from, I have no clue, but I need to buy bamboo.

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So now, I actually have to create my final piece. I'll post in the future when it's finally complete, but I'm nowhere near finished (and I'm nowhere near as stressed out as I should be).

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