painted jeans

I COULD convince myself otherwise, but painting my jeans was really just an elaborate way of putting off doing my summer homework; but to be fair, after seeing the works of other artists, in particular Miranda Makaroff, I had been thinking of doing something along these lines. It was only my deep-rooted procrastination and laziness which gave me the instinct to do it NOW; instead of doing the five artist research pages and cold war notes which are due the second week of September. A truly sensible choice. 

Miranda Makaroff is a graphic designer and artist who I found on Instagram (@mirandamakaroff), who works with loud shapes and bold colours. She had painted a denim jacket in her signature striking style - which gave me the inspiration to paint on jeans in a similar pattern. 

I drew on the shapes on the front of the left leg and back pockets and decided to stop there before I turned a perfectly fine pair of average-quality jeans into clown pants. Thanks, by the way, to my mother for giving me that analogy and permanently instilling the image of a circus performer in my mind whenever I wear the jeans.

I think probably the best decision I made while painting the shapes was to prime them all with white paint. Before I added any colour whatsoever, I painted the shapes in white acrylic. This was probably the second most painstakingly tedious thing I’ve ever done (beaten only by my notorious stain tapestry); though it made all the colours of the paints pop so much more and become less prone to cracking as they are worn.

Below are a collection of pictures taken by my amazing friend Jason in and around Al Quoz on an outing together. Right before I just about died of heatstroke of course, and had to run to Adventure HQ to buy hydration salts (the things I do for a quality post, I swear). By the way, I do not recommend the lemon flavour of hydration powder you get from there - it tastes like dish soap. However, the awful taste means it’s quite effective as a vomit-inducing medication - learnt that one the hard way.


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