warm memory i. - a poem

This is a poem I wrote recently during summer, about one of many happy times with my friends. Poetry to me is but a hobby, so by no means am I expecting everyone (if anyone) to read or appreciate what I write. But on the slight off-chance that maybe my writing will resonate with or be enjoyed by someone; below is my poem, titled 'warm memory i.'

warm memory i.

soft hair chokes my ears

rosy lobes drowning in sweaty locks

gentle stares crescendo to glowing hugs

tourist fingers on my homeland head

tangle the shorter strands, north of my neck


my tailbone tingles

my fingers fizz

cradled by the mattress, my cheek rests on another’s jeans

quiet friction on dark-wash denim


a background silence

a silence not empty, but not substantial enough to be noticed

simply absorbed by the plants

and the sandy shoes in the corner


a foreground noise

a noise composed of vibrations that echo between the three lovers

reflected on each other’s eyes

and read by our lips


the old spaghetti-scented air, with every breath

delivers a spaghetti-scented love note

an inhale, an exhale

a sensual exchange of pasta-perfumed happiness


sore bones,

joint cramps

cushioned by two foreign pairs of trousered legs

against my own


the simplest form of contentment

reciprocated and relished

in the shape of an equilateral triangle


the friends exist in a triple harmony

platonic affection

kisses without contact

the moment lasts


  • emma robertson