a trip to satwa with tallulah and jason

Over half term, Jason and I popped Tallulah’s Satwa cherry and went digging together in second-hand stores for some WAVY garms. As always, I have to indoctrinate you a bit - shopping second-hand / thrifting / or shopping vintage is SO much more sustainable and ethical than buying from fast-fashion stores such as Forever 21, Zara etc. Of course, it’s not always possible to do so, but do try show the earth some love because the fashion industry is notorious for not being the most eco-friendly. Not to mention that scratching through piles of dodgy threads can be a good laugh, and you end up with super unique pieces that no-one else will have at a literal FRACTION of the price.

I made a lil video of our trip the other day - enjoy!

Music: REEL IT IN - Aminé